The Carp Islet Resort


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Address:Intersection of No.316 National Road and Guobin Avenue Minhou China
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The Carp Islet Resort (Liyudao Jiudian) is situated in the west part of Fuzhou and within easy reach of Minjiang River. Covering an area of over 1,200,000 sq m (12,916,692 sq ft), the grounds encompass an ideal riverscape and are home to many valuable species of plant and animal life. Breathing in the fresh air and gentle breezes, while taking in the outstanding natural beauty of the river, lake and mountains, you will come to understand why this area has been praised as the “Ecological Treasure of Banyan City”. Escaping the fast pace of modern city life, Carp Islet Resort offers you the precious opportunity of getting closer to nature while healing your body, mind and soul. Jogging around the lake, taking a walk along Conrad Island, bird watching, lake fishing, and other outdoor activities are all available at Carp Islet Resort. Experience the breathtaking garden landscapes and the beauty of nature. Observe silver and white pheasants, egrets, deer, squirrels, and other wildlife while indulging in the beauty of this truly enchanting “Garden of Eden”. Set in a luxurious ecological location, Carp Islet Resort offers 100 spacious, uniquely designed and luxuriously decorated guest rooms, three independent villas and 37 exquisite suites offering butler services. Facing the beautiful scenery of Minjiang River, breath in the fresh, clean air while enjoying an exquisite breakfast, a truly refreshing and comfortable experience.